Double Hat Trick At Flying Aces One Loft Race

Published by flyingtigerz under FTz Blog.

Proud to announce a double hat trick at the Flying Aces OLR, that is, for the last 3 years in a row Flying Tigerz have produced =1st place birds on the 350 mile race. So what makes it a double? Not only have Flying Tigerz placed =1st in all of the last three 350 mile races, but two out of the last three years were hat tricks within the race series. In other words in 2014 Flying Tigerz won =1st prizes on the 200 mile, 300 mile and 350 mile races along with this years success(2016) of winning =1st on the 250 mile, 300 mile and 350 mile races at Flying Aces OLR. In 2014, it was one bird out of our two entries that did all the work. Kieza (parents were stolen from us), won =1st on ALL 3 races. In 2016, we had 3 families of birds racing, and all 3 families took an equal first. “99 Problems” hit at the 250 mile race, “Gold Dust” hit at the 300 mile race and “Grey Boss” hit at the 350 mile race. What that boils down to is over the last 3 years Flying Aces OLR has had 9 money races and Flying Tigerz have took =1st on 7 of them. This success can be attributed to 4 things, good pigeons, good breeding program, good health and a fair race. Dale Golla does a superb job with the birds and because he treats them like they are his race birds and uses the darkening system with them, all birds are put in the most equal form possible. Dale may not be the most computer savvy person around, but I can assure you, a better handler is hard to find in theĀ one loft race scene. Certify One was present at the 350 mile race to ensure quality and fairness, I am looking forward to their video. Congrats to all the winners at Flying Aces OLR and slainte to another season down!