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The Flying Tigerz highly recommend Flying Aces OLR with owner and handler Dale Golla. Dale currently flies old birds in the Twin City Concourse and has for the past 47 years. He is always at the top of the race sheet, and he handles his one loft with same knowledge and compassion that he does with his own race birds. Every pigeon that enters is given all of the resources and training it needs to be highly competitive. He keeps the birds in phenomenal condition!

Paul Rudolph is a legendary long distance flier and a fellow Vikings club member. He has shared his information with me and has definitely pushed me to become a better flier. He is very dedicated to the concourse and club, and often serves on the board, as president or as race secretary. A big thanks to Paul and all that he does.

Dan Feltenstein is a dynamic young pigeon fancier who is quickly rising to the top of the pigeon game nationally. Dan is a member of the Viking RPC and Twin City Concourse. His results are no joke, he races with a high level of competition and consistently is at the top of the race sheet.

Matt May is a stand up guy and a very competitive flier in the Mount Pleasant Homing Pigeon Club out of the MO/IL Combine. His records and quality of birds speak for themseleves, see both at his Southtown Racers website.

American Union!

I heard about Rob Ashby through a mutual friend and acquired a great handling hen from his loft. The hen bred quality birds for me because Rob is always on the forefront of acquiring and racing good pigeons. Rob Ashby was kind enough to agree to handle a couple of my birds for the 2015 AU Convention, I am very grateful and excited for this opportunity!