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The Flying Tigerz are a MN based racing pigeon loft owned and run by brothers Johnny and Phil K., and their father Daniel. The K. Bros are dedicated to acquiring, racing and breeding high caliber pigeons. Despite flying from a small 4×8 loft located in an inner city backyard, the K. Bros still excel at flying and attribute their success to great pigeon health, a well built loft, superior quality pigeons and a knowledgeable racing/breeding method. After the initial steps of building a family of pigeons with great inherent traits, the K. Bros efforts came to a sudden halt on November 11th, 2013 when their pigeons were stolen, leaving them with only two droppers/chicos.  Years of dedication and acquiring stock for line-breeding were gone in one night. After getting past the initial shock of such a big loss, the K. Bros have decided to continue their pigeon racing journey  and acquire even better stock pigeons! Follow their journey on Flying Tigerz Blog.


UPDATE: Since the birds were stolen at the end of the 2013 season, Flying Tigerz has been focused on finding foundation birds to rebuild the family. The best way to test birds and not handlers is one loft races(OLR), so Flying Tigerz has decided to focus on one loft racing before it dives back into club racing. Being that 2014 was right after the theft and our first OLR year, we will list the following results:


Flying Aces: 2 Entries


AU 14 VIK 1560:

3rd Overall Points & Average Speed

3rd (=1st) @ 200 Miles

5th (=1st) @ 300 Miles

6th (=1st) 350 Miles

WIN: $2516.20


Flying Aces: 2 Entries


AU 15 VIK 1244:

6th Average Speed

3rd (=1st) @ 350 Miles

WIN: $1353.66

Fast Eddies: 2 Entries


AU 15 ARPU 7560:

21st (25 day birds) @ 400 Miles

WIN: $1000


Flying Aces: 5 Entries


AU 16 FOYS 9999:

3rd(=1st) @250 Miles

AU 16 FOYS 9962:

1st(=1st) @ 300 Miles

AU 16 FOYS 9997:

9th(=1st) @ 350 Miles

WIN: $1790.13


Big Andy’s International: 1 Entry


AU 16 FOYS 9992:

73rd @ 350 Miles

WIN: $400

Keep away from fast women and slow pigeons!

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