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3rd in Points/3rd Average Speed!!!!

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Does this bird have what it takes? So far it has been a tough race series, but we are cheering on this little bird! Two more races to go!!! Do you like average speed/high point one loft races (OLRs) or single race placement OLRs better? Personally, I think good birds can win top prizes, but […]

New Loft Almost Done!!!

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The last few weekends have been spent designing and building the new loft. It is fairly close to completion and is looking great!!! I will have a build thread one completed, its going to be a cool one for sure!  

Birds Stolen, Not Again!!!

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I am sorry to report that on September 13th, 2014 the Flying Tigerz have had another pair of breeders stolen. It is custom in our sport to support young members and first year flyers. What we do is lend them a breeding pair, so they start out with good racing stock. It’s much cheaper for […]